What is the limit of detection of GlutenTox Home?

GlutenTox Home can detect 5 or 20 ppm according to the user requirements’.


Is it difficult to interpret the result?

No, a pink line will appear if the sample contains more than 5 or 20 ppm of gluten.


How long do I have to wait to see the result?

You have to wait a maximum of 10 minutes to see the final result. However, the result may appear faster than 10 minutes, including less than 2 minutes if there is a high level of gluten.


Is the test positive if a light pink line appears after 10 minutes?

It is not recommended to read the result if more than 10 minutes have past after you added the sample on the stick. After 10 minutes, a background can appear which is irrelevant to the test.


How many tests are there in one kit?

There are 2 or 5 single-use tests depending on the elected product. The KT-5472 reference is for the 2-tests kit and the KT-5000 reference is for the 5-tests kit


At what temperature should I store the kit?

The kit can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge.


Does the test recognize oat?

If the oat variety contains Gluten Immunogenic Peptides that can affect celiac patients, the test will give a positive result (see “G12 Antibody“). The test will also be positive if the oat is cross contaminated with gluten.


Why is the kit not recommended for chocolate?

Extracting gluten from chocolate or cocoa is very hard.. For this reason the level of gluten can be underestimated. However, if you get a positive result with chocolate, it definitely does contain gluten and should not be consumed by celiac disease patients.


How many pipettes are there in the kit?

There are 4 pipettes in the GlutenTox Home-2 test kit: 2 pipettes for the dilution steps and 5 (included in the metallic envelope) to apply on the GlutenTox Home stick. There are 10 pipettes in the GlutenTox Home-5 test kit: 5 pipettes for the dilution steps and 5 (included in the metallic envelope) to apply on the GlutenTox Home stick.


Is it important to shake vigorously to extract the gluten from the sample?

Yes it is, you can stop in between but the samples should be shaken 2 minutes in total to extract most gluten present. It is also important to grind well the sample to increase the efficiency of gluten extraction.


How should I dispose of the kit after its use?

All components of the kit are fully disposable in ordinary trash or recycled according to the material (paper, plastic etc.).


What is the expiration date of the kit?

20 months from the manufacturing date. The expiration date is indicated on the box of the kit.


Information for special food products

Soy Sauce: Naturally brewed soy sauce undergoes fermentation process that hydrolyses/breaks down gluten to level close or below 20 ppm.


Highly processed and complex matrices with polyphenols and antioxidants:  Although GlutenTox tests have been successfully tested against a wide variety of highly-processed non-food items, there may be some cases in which a more thorough extraction process is required to identify traces of gluten. If you are planning to test a vitamin, supplement, medication, or products with polyphenols (chocolate, tannins, et.) that you feel may be highly processed, please contact us for more information about the specific item. In all cases, a positive test result always indicates the presence of gluten: there are no false positives.


Gluten in fats and oil

Gluten detection in fats and oil can be challenging because gluten complex is not soluble in oil. Please contact us for more info.